How can I speed up my Vespa ET4

I have Vespa ET4 and I will make him faster.
Because the speed is now to slow for me, max. speed is now 95km/h.
Can someone tell me, what I must buy for my Vespa ET4 to make him faster.

the Netherlands

Greetings Dennis of Netherland I am Charlie of the Philippines, About your question, how fast do you want to go? How much are you willing to spend? and considering you have a 4-stroke engine, there is not much you can do 1) shaved your cylinder head to get higher compression reading, and tune port the intake and exhaustand also polish it. 2) get a bigger crab and exhaust 3) change your clutch and pulley and now the downside of a faster engine, 1 fuel consumption 2) engine reliability hope this will help.

Just get the Malossi 198 cc kit and the gearing kit and use PM 56 SS exhaust. That will make a huge change!

 use the bigger valves and the special valve springs from malossi, too


than your et4 runs like a starfighter