Horrible Hallo'een

quite a lass…

[:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:]

Yeah sorry bout that mate, but as you know she is hard to resist. When confronted with that voluptuous body I simply couldn’t stop meself.

Very nice photograph, JuanK, what kind of camera did you use?

Original von diablo: Juan you are a bad bad man.[:shock2:] [:shock2:]

Thanks for the laughs lads.;D

Juan you are a bad bad man.[:shock2:] [:shock2:]

Well you lot might think it’s funny, but she’s left me no alternative but divorce!

forget cooking the jam mikkke how about her smearing it all over my genitalia and slurping it off before some serious anal action

mum, why have these people got your photo?

Thanks but can she cooks strawberrie’s jam??

[:D] [:D]


[:shock1:] [:shock2:] [[:O]] [:@] [:drink:] [:roll:] [:roll:] [I)]

;D ;D ;D

And since you’ve all been good little boy’s and not turned my bins up-side down or egged my window’s have this as your treat.

If it’s got tit’s or tyre’s there’s trouble ahead.