Horn Cover

[:rolleyes:] How do i fix my horn into mk1 horn cover,in the cover or in the body [:rolleyes:]

the mk1 t5 had a different design horn that mounted to the frame rather than in the horncast.the frame had an extra mount welded just by the bearing cup,if i remember rightly!not sure if the new px has the bracket.i’m sure you’ll come up with a solution through general bodgery!

mk 1 what???

;D nelboy i have a T5 classic ;D

i have just completed a conversion of a px to mk1 t5 over rthe weekend,their is a hole on the frame for the horn.all i did was to get a small self tapper and screw the horn through a slot in the black plastic grille of the horn cover then added a bit of really good super glue type stuff for a bit of added security,a bit ruff and ready but it does the job fine[:look:]