Hooray! New MALOSSI 210cc Kit NOW AVAILABLE!

The highlight of the month, a breaking news worth to be broadcasted on CNN: MALOSSI has reworked its alltime evergreen, the 210cc cylinderkit for Vespa PX200/ Cosa 200 and offer the cylinder kit now also with a dedicated cylinder head!!

Kit and head arrive these days in our warehouse, preorder yours NOW!

I would be nice to get a response from someone on the SIP team on this kit; I'm sure many people would be interested in buying it (me included) but will be holding back due to lack of information. 

Does the 'new' kit have any major differences to the 'old' kit, apart from the addition of a cylinder head?

Have there been any other modifications to the kit i.e. transfers, port timings, exhaust port, or is it the same as the old 210 kit but with the addition of a proper cylinder head?



Malossi told us that they have modified the airtflow lines for better cooling.

NEW is the Head, it is real good, the sealing by a seal ring makes the head absolut leakproof and all the power comes right on the piston by a special designed combustion chamber. Also the contact from the head to the cylinder is better. So more heat can give away over the radiatorwings.


I will build a engine as soon as i can get a cylinderkit in stock!

I let you know asap which results the kit gives.











Thanks SIP, keep us posted, all the best.

Mmm sounds good [:)] keep us posted on the results of the build

Yeh, awesome! have there been any revisions to the barrel? What cc is the head?

Can we get an answer from SIP please?