Honda Vision Derestricting?

Hi, I have an old standard Honda Vision NE50MF and was wondering if I could de restrict it, it’s currently struggling to do 25MPH with the standard stuff, with the Malossi Big bore Kit I can JUST manage 27MPH on a flat road, when the rev’s pick up it just cuts out.
I keep thinking its the Exhaust and the Carb. I tried finding a Sports Exhaust for it but I have had no luck. Would the LeoVince SP3 or similar exhausts to that work? cause I wouldn’t mind being able to keep up with people, heh.

Also would it be worth stripping the whole engine down cleaning it up and rebuilding it?

Thanks in Advance.

Also sounds like the carbs not geting enough petrol try jetting it or a bigger carb

If the vision is anything like the honda sfx 50 you’ll need to replace the variator as this is restriced in design to not go faster than 30mph