Well lads im off to Holland and wont be back till Tuesday so don’t think me rude if I dont continue any threads ive been part off. Have a look at the weather forcast and spare a thought for me! Still it gives my Lammy a wash!

Lucky git![:angry:]

I’d give my left testicle for that bike. Have a look on our website www.holidayinholland.org for that and others. Sorry don’t know how to do links properly. Im the guy with the need for speed t shirt and yes I know im a mess but thats what its all about!

Would like to go there next year!!!;D ;D ;D

if its that fat grimesy i’ll have a chug on it

Nice pics![:dance1:]




Got back last night. I went on my TS1 but couldn’t help but cream over the german vespas there. Must have one like them!

Sure I’ll try and post some tonight. They do things to smallframes that just blow your mind. Some of them are on the dyno doing 25bhp+.

Not forgetting the Ferarri P range that put out nearly 34bhp. Before he turned the NOx on.

Good weekend, but my back is still killing me from the miles

Lucky git![:angry:]

Have a great time.[:dance1:] [:dance2:] [:smokin:]

Did you take any photos? or were you too busy creaming off?
you dirty ol’ bugger!!![[:O]]

Roll a fat one for me![:smokin:] [:smokin:] [:smokin:] [:smile:]

Good set of pics,looks like you had a wicked time.Party on![:dance2:] [:dance3:]