Higher perfs

I own a PX150E with a Malossi 166 cylinder and a SIP Performance exhaust, what is for you the next steps to perfect tuning, carb kit, upgear kit, etc… as I want to go faster ;D

Thanks, if you have time you can tell me more about all this, I plan to buy a carb (28 or 30mm?, reed valves or conventionnal) , I wonder about the clutch, (reinforced, Malossi kit or P200 or Cosa but does it fits without any modification). I have good power on low rpms, and good too on high rpms but something like a „hole“ in beetween, do you understand what I mean?
Can the carb kit fix it and give me good power from lows to highs RPMs?[:smile:]

It all depends on your budget. As Daniel says above, a nice, powerful set-up, but you get what you pay for, and difficult to advise without knowing what you want to throw at it, and then it wont be enough money or speed, and my ideas are different to the next guys. On a small budget with current set up, 30mm carb, port your own casings, and lightened PK flywheel. £140 parts from SIP, inc seals. Cheap. The flat spot you are experiencing is likely to be down to the expansion, but with the 30mm and flywheel youll pass through the mid range quite quick riding hard, pig in town though.

Faster one-up/ two-up/round town/ motorway? Carb kit, port barrel properly, port cases properly, get an expansion to match use/ porting, PK.XL Lightened flywheel (HP4’s fan tends to come loose) P200/Cosa clutch, Welded and modified for reedvalve. How deep is your pocket? Sell engine and do all of above to a P2 lump. The list is endless and defined by how much you can afford. Do the free stuff yourself, porting. Buy a book, read, digest read again and then if youre brave enough, buy a dremmel. It isnt difficult when you understand it. If not, send to any reputable tuner

Hi Mike,
the Malossi kit is a very nice and very powerfull kit, i´ll also buy one in the future for my VNB.
With this kit it´s possible to get 20-22 hp on the wheel!
Some 210 Malossi kits have the same performance [?[].
But to get so much HPs you need some parts more.
The best is a reedvale Malossi mainifold kit with a 28/30 mm carburator (Mikuni with powerjet). A special modyfied reedvale longstroke crank.
After modifying the outlet and the engine casing 20HPs or more can be reached.
The best performance you´ll have with a 23 cog cosa clutch and the 125 standart gear box.
This is my project over the next winter.[:bounce:]

Thanks for your answers, guys!! It would be nice for the newbies that people like you write some typical setup for example differents levels of tuning and a idea of the prize with it, it would be something very useful. Please think about it my friends!!;D