High tech gearbox oil?

Hello !

Why use 30w gearbox oil when there is plenty
of high tech multigrade gearbox oils out there in your
local bike shop,that „must“ be more efficent.

I wonder because iam rebuilding my engine with some
tuning parts. And the engine problably need some more
internal protection.


Hi Pallla,
A good point! I live in Thailand and I can’t buy SAE 30 for love or money. Local scooter shops advise SAE 40 which is 4 stroke oil ,as most of the smaller bikes are .
Personally, I run Castrol LT 40, and change it every 1500 K’s or so.
It seems okay.
Cheers Grimesy.

…sorry for the two time answer had to go to the garage to see the oil type…
In the last case you can go for CASTROL SLX w30
or MOBIL SHC w30…


the gearbox oil use this kind for viscosity reason.
It is not forbidden using high tech oil if you want to spend more money but people that I know and myself when using high tech oil of same viscosity didn’t gain at a long run either more protection or reliability. But if you like the idea…