High rpms, last try!

I have been trying to get some answers to my questions for some time now, it seems to me that nobody gives, so this will be the last time i try.
I have got a Malossi 210cc and a SIP performance pipe, im using the SI24/24 carb, it works fine on first to third gear but on the fourth it does not get up to high rpms.

Could this be solved with a racing crankshaft and a light flywheel?
or should I try a bigger carb, the SI26/26??

Hope to get some answers.

Patrik Grann

Otherwise i just[:drink:]

I had the same problems. I solved it with the short 4. gear which I also got from SIP.
with the larger carb and the race crank you will reacg more power. with the light flywheel the scooter will be very aggressive.

In my engine I use every parts mentioned.

rgds, alex

Hi again!
Thanks for the answers!
Now one question to follow.
Is the SIP 26mm SI carb a god choise? My Vespa should only be sport tuned, it´s the one i use to work every day, so i want it to work.

Best regards
Patrik Grann
Sweden [:D]

Hello Grann, for the best performance you have to match the transfere ports, you have to maschine the piston and you have to use a mdified cylinder head and the shortened 4th gear. I think this gear cog will be the solotion for your problem. Best wishes, Markus[:dance1:]

Hi, the 26mm carb is very good, but you could also use a 28 or 30mm carb![:P] [:P] [:P] [:P] [:P] [:P] [:P] [:P] [:P] [:P] [:P] [:P] [:P] [:P] [:P] [:P] [:P] [:P] [:P] [:P]

210cc is not enough power to go through the 4th gear, so short 4th gear can help to solve your problem. 

If you enhance to 221cc or 225, the 4th gear is not a MUST.


Si26.26 is good but not a must in your combo!