I’ve only had the '93 PX200E since the summer, and don’t plan to use it much or at all throughout the winter. Does anybody have any tips for storage,ie, park it neutral etc. to stop anything seizing up.

Many Thanks

The best way to keep your PX200E stoped throughout the winter, it is … don’t stop it, even for a day!!! 'Cause if you just park it in your garage, next summer when you get it on the road again, it will be very damaged !!! [:drink:]


cheers Dylan, looks as if it may get a nice respray this winter as well.

its only a px for gods sake.DRIVE THE THING,not as if its a tv or a sx lammy.[:drink:]

yes i know but i had a v90 about 15 years ago and left it standing. it siezed to hell and i ending up giving it away - free!!!