HHP Manifold ET3 (curare?)

These manifolds allow up to 34mm on a smallframe. Now I plan to put a malossi kitted engine in ( full haus) , and already run the polini 130 motor with carb hanging out the side. Subsequently I cant run a direct manifold from the malossi barrel as carb would fowl the existing bodywork.

My question is twofold

  1. Would HHP match the malossi direct manifold in terms of power. ?

  2. Do the HHP really accept carbs from 25mm as I’d like to start off small and then try some bigger carbs to see the h/p gains?

hello Avenger,

the first question (if I remember well you have a Polini 130) is yes, but lower rpm so can go with longer gearing ratio.

the HHP manifold can accept carbs up to 34 but you have to buy the correct carb manifold.
For the second question I should say that in my experience I found that the biggest carb you could use with the cranckcases inlet modified is 28 - 30mm.
The carb over this size need a cranckcase cut and weldind of an home made reed block to work nicely.
Anyway if we are talking about the Polini 130 the biggest carb you could use succsefully with it (even if you have modified the barrel and the use of a reed block) is the 28.