HHP - Adjustable CDI v3 Help


Has anyone fitted one of these new CDI's with the advance/Retard function built in. I'm trying to fit it to a T5 with no joy, the instruactions are in German and a rough translation says if you do not get a spark ( which i'm not ) then cut the insulation ? dosen't say which wire or what insulation.

If any one can help me please




Hi i have the same problem. The translation is bad. it is not the insulation ment but the copper part at the high tension (load coil). The copper damps the magnetic flow in the coil. If you remove it the voltage will be higher and more power will come to the cdibox.

I have to ignition-plates . At one i removed the copper from the high tension coil. but still it does not work.

give me a short reply if it helped. than i know that mine is defective.

regards jürgen

it was my t5 at psl we tried every thing fitted to other scooters in the end sent back to sip fitted a m tech unit advance and retard. tried with the insulation removed on stator plate still no good. i think sip need to look into it.


I have also the same problem.



Please sip any help!!!