Here is the manifold i meant

Any idea what type it is? Also any opinions on it?

never seen but as slidingdog said the intake is quite small. Could be good if the compression plate has been damnaged.

He reckons 28-36mm

Yeah i thought that about the intake myself. It is for a px, the guy isnt sure who made it. I dont think it would improve performance that much over standartd with an intake so small though would it?

Never seen one before?
looks home made, or prototype?
porting area looks small, looks to fit 25/26 del mm carb or similar?
also the mounting holes look very near the edge!
but looks like it would fit a px
what is it for?

Anyone?? Puhlease? Me needs to know what kinda manifold this baby is so i can decide whether it is for me.

they reckon wrong then.

The intake does look small does it say what carb size it fits?