right im now wanting to buy the tunning goodies for my motor but i keep getting different advise from everyone i ring or speak too

here is my plan its a px125 engine which is going in a 150 super

malossi 166 kit
30mm carb with reedvalve
full circle crank
performance exhaust
upgear kit
cosa clutch

does this sound about right??

on the exhaust i was thinking about a pm tunning pipe as the taffspeed ones has a very long waiting list

…if you have 3.50x8 rear then use 24/63 primary. Will give you more or less the same ratio that 21/65 using 3.50x10 rear.
I feel the other combination are a little too short with this rear wheel size.
With this combination you will be able to get around 110kmh at 7000rpm cruising speed and around 125kmh at 8000.


cheers m8[:D]

Hi Miggs.
Sounds ok. However, from what I’ve read and tried You don’t really need the up gear kit , if, you go with the Cosa 21 clutch. I believe depending on the year of your PX ,there could be variations in gear ratios. This can make a difference. I’m sure other riders have their opinions,too.
Choose your exhaust, wisely. They can be expensive and crap! or cheaper and ok! The left hand exhaust seems to get good reviews and it’s not too expensive. Mallossi 166 ,run it very carefully .
You might need a disc brake to stop a bit quicker!!
Good Luck


ok, but I won’t go full circle, I would use either standard or worb 5 special lip.
Exhaust if you want a cheap one the Leo Vinci works the best with Malossi 166.
If you can spend more get a RZ2000 left hand or a Taffspeed.
As far as upgearing Cosa clutch 21.
If you want longer use a PX200 christmas three or if you are able to mount it a px200 primary so you get 21/65.


…PM is one of my favourite but not with Malossi 166. It is very good on middle rpm but not so strong on high rpm, and to get the best out from Malossi 166 you have to let it go high.
I will use, as I said before, RZ 2000 left hand in this case slightly better than right hand.[H]

the upgear kit is due to me keeping the 8 inch wheels