Help with tuning project

Dear vespa friends,

I'm started a new project based on a px 200 engine .But i need to make some choices about the crank and reedblock.This is the list of pieces i would order or allready have.

Malossi 210 serie pro/TMX 30/Mechanical fuel pump/pk flywheel/CDI ignition/JL right hand

Is the carb large enough and what kind of reeds ar the best in this config ?MW1 or MW2?

Which crank is the best option?It got to be fast but also tour friendly

Greetings Bart


Hi ...


The carb would be good for your Setup.

Use the MMW2 Reed Valve System, the position of the carburetor is better with it.

If you want more tourqe then use a longstroke crank from Mazzuchelli fine weighted with

a joint at the cylinder feed.

Another possibility is to use a "normal" racing crank mazzuchelli fine weighted wich gives you a lot of durability and power in the mid and high refs.