Help with setup

Dear friends,

Could somebody help me with some choice.My current setup is

mmw2 reedblock

rd350 reeds

malossi 210 and head

original stroke race crank

reworked cilinder and piston


pk flywheel

shorter 4th

jl rh

cosa clutch

Ok now the problem is that there is a lag between 3th and 4th and the engine is detonation.

i'm considering a mmw head with 1.2 squish but wich exhaust ? i'm looking for more torque and maybe higher hp . I dont find any info about the EM exhaust.What do you suggest.




Hey Larocca,

Spark is NGK B9ES and the color is chocolat brown. The ignition is on 17°.

The primaire gear is 23/65 . Isn"t better to change in 22/65 or 21/65.

What do you think from the SIP evo exhaust and a mmw2 cilinderhead ?

I have here a spark NGK B9EVX is that a better one? I heard that it is better to put some lead additive in the fuel.





no suggestions for the setup off carb La Rocca?



Hey Larocca


Main jet is 240

PJ is 50

I can't read the mixture tube there stould DE and a little square


Hi dude


I guess the 23/65 in combination with a short 4. gear and a 23 dent clutch is the better choice.


Sip EVO Exhaust is ok. MMW2 Head also !!!


I use allways the WR3CC plugs with success.


How about your carburetor ??

What jets do you mounted ?




Hi Dude


Basically your setup seems to be great for high ref orgies.


I guess that there is some problem regarding the fine tuning.


What´s about the sparkplug ? Color, model ?

What degrees do you´ve fixed the ignition ?