Help with semi-Hydraulic grimeca disk brake spring

Hi Guys,

I have installed this front disk brake onto my p200e and was left with one piece that I have no idea where to put [:look:] . With the kit a spring in a V shape is supplied, anybody knows where that is supposed to go? I have found the sip installation instructiuons but they do not go into details for the semi-hydraulic…


Aha! Great it fits in there! perfect explanation, thanks Avenger! Do you know if it normal that the brake pads touch the disk even when you are not braking? Not very hard, but still the wheel does not turn as easy as it did when I had the normal brake on there. Cheers.

yep i know where it goes (now explaining it may be tough).

Where the outer front brake cable sits on the fork, you’ll notice the actuating arm for the master cylinder is below that. You should be able to see natural place for the v spring to fit in ( this ensures that there is enough tension for the cable to return and thus return the actuating arm to its original position .

The spring pushes into place with point of the „v“ shape facing the back of the scoot and the inner cble passes though he little eyelet in the spring.

Now without being able to provide a picture for you to look at with this answer, I hope I haven’ confused you too much.

Good luck.

Ps. check you have enough clearance to install the front shock at its lower mounting point when going for a trial fitment aswell. Because I had to file a corner section of mine away to get a good fit

Yep mine do on the setup I’ve got aswell. i think its part of the self adjusting system (similar to cars hydro brakes) thought the newer fully hydro set ups don’t seem to suffer as badly. I’m unsure as to whether you can back em off a bit by shoving a flat blade screwdriver between them.

On second thoughts let them drag.