Help with a vnb1t seriepro 500018J0 12v cdi conversion

has anyone ever tried to convert a vnb1t 6v battery type with points ignition  to a 12v non battery cdi ignition if so how did you do it ??? any help very much appriciated 

ok to anyone interested figured out my self how to do the wiring conversion on my vnb1t battery (this method would probably work on any other model) 

i used a 12v motorbike battery , disconnected all wires in junction box on the engine , connect one wire to the battery at at time to find which wire powers parking light , hi-beam , lo-beam etc...WITH A LOW AMP FUSE ON THE - AND + SO YOU DONT MELT A WIRE BY ACCIDENT  after  you have found the correct LIVE FEED wires for the corresponding lights and the earth wires and verified everything works you no longer need your motorbike battery ,(take notes if you need to)

connect all the LIVE feed wires together this connection goes to the voltage regulator on either of the yellow terminals (use the low amp fuse between the connections)

from the stator there is 1 red ,1 white ,1 green wire which go to the cdi/coil and a yellow and black that go to voltage regulator  yellow wire to yellow terminal black wire to black terminal (yellow is live feed to the voltage regulator) there are two green connections on the cdi one is the engine kill switch (on my vnb this wire is red)

with the low amp fuse between the + feed and - feed start your vespa check your lights if all your lights work kill your engine remove low amp fuses , correctly place your wires on the voltage regulator you should be to go

i strongly recommend any new connectors to be soldered and a multimeter is helpful