help with 210

hi, i have got the 210 malossi kit for the p200,a machined head,sip performance exhaust so where do i start

1-just bolt all together and re jet,will this work
2- does this really have to be ported ect
3-just want a little more va va va roooooooommm if you khow what i mean

cheers steve[:drink:]

hi steve,its a bit more than just bolting it all together.firstly you will have to match the barrel ports to the casings coz if you dont you lose out on 60% of the available performance then you can bolt it all together and wollup!one quick motor.if you dont match the ports i know of many malossi’s that have seized because it causes too much turbulence in the ports so the gas wont flow properly,besides its such a waste not to.secondly if you want info on the porting reply to this in the vespa classic board coz this one is for those wierd people who ride the plastic ones.

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