Help - wiring a new stator into a VBC!

Hi there

I'm close to finishing my rebuild, but have no idea about electricals.  I've got a stator (I think is off a PX-125) which has the following colour wires coming out of it:

red, yellow, black, green, white (5 wires)


The Ducati style CDI has slots for 2 green, red, white, and a white wire coming out of it


I'm guessing the colours (red/white/green) slot in to the CDI, and the white CDI wire is an earth?


so.... is that right?  Then, where do the black and the yellow wire go? What do they do?


The VBC wiring harness originally had a blue, black and green wire feeding into the junction box, which were paired with a points stator, that had a brown, red and white wire coming from it (and were paired white to black, blue to brown, green to red)

If the CDI wires match off, and the white on the CDI is an earth, then what color harness wires should the black and yellow wires connect to?

Help!  - what goes where?  How can I get this thing running!