HELP ! Wire a GS light to PX200?

Can anybody help me wire an GS light to a PX200, I brought the light from SIP but nothing came with it know i cant work out which wires go where, ive had the brakes working without the light and visa-versa but not both together !! appreciate any help,

If a remember correctly then when you look at the bulb holder from the back then the white wire should be on the middle prong in the top right corner or at least it should be on the prong that has the arm reaching over to the side light bulb. Then still looking from the back on the main bulb you should have the brown wire on the right and the purple wire on the left then finally the black earth wire should be attached to the prong that appears to go no where. if it is the screw in type holder where you have to secure each wire with a small screw then it is still the same setup. it sounds as though you have had your earth wire connected wrongly as that is the only way in which your head light could be affected by your brake light.

Hope this is a help as i know what a bastard these jobs are but trust me that is the way they go, i have had a lot of experience with them!!!

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Do you mean a new model PX200 light to an old PX200? If so there was a how to do article in last month`s scootering mag… or are you talking GS160???