Help! polini 208 kit still bogs after startup!

Hi guys,this is my first post here…a few years ago i had the smart idea of tuning my 180ss. I had a p200 engine, si i decided to tune it. I installed a massucchella racing crank(not ful circle). I put in the polini 208 kit, sito plus exhaust, i have a keihin 28mm carb, scoot rs manifold, light flywheel, changed the 4th gear and performance clutch. Since i got the bike, i’ve always had problems,with many seizures as well. I had the cyl .rehoned. Once the bike starts, it has this tendency to bog when giving gas and dies. Also, once it’s it running, i don’t have a smooth idle and when downskifting the bike shakes back and forth when releasing the clutch…I don’t know how many hours i’ve speant trying different idle and main jets on this carb…i can really use your help on this…any tips? advice? wheere should i start? any info please.thanks



try to make first your ignition timing right -- you need 19 degrees for this 208 Polini.


First the timing must be correct to do other idles


Use a other exhaust - not the sito for this set up


Carb jet should be  about 128-132

hope it helps a little bit



Hi there.thanks for the reply…the timing has been set at 19 degrees. for the exhaust, i had a performance one from scootrs…maybe i can put it on…
For the carb, i tried different just…i thinkk i have a 128 main and at 48 or 50 idle jet…are these good sizes…what would be the best idle jet, needles size  and pilot for the keihin for this setup? thanks