Help picking the right head from sip

hello i have the pinasco 213 kit. I am bolting the kit onto my stock px200 with stock crank and JL right side exhaust. my question is what is the best head to buy from sip? I have been told that i will need to get a new head because the head that the kit comes with is not really ideal. i was looking at this one here is the link can someone tell me if this is the right head for a stock  crank? If this is not the best head to use can someone please point me in the right direction thanks.


also can i use a stock px200 cylinder base gasket and cut it to match the ports? the stock aluminum base gaskets are not as thick as the gaskets that come with the kit. thanks

Hi dude



I guess the combination Pinasco with a standard crank and a JL Right Hand make definitly no sense !

You need to mount a standard race crank or a longstroke crank.

The JL Right hand is a high performance pipe for Engines with high output and high refs !!!!!




I recommend you in your case 2 Setups:



1. Pinasco Cylinder / Stock Crank / Stock Exhaust, SipT5 or Sip Road (more power in the Low and mid

2. Pinasco Cylinder / Race Crank / Sip NG Exhaust



PS: The base gasket for the Pinasco in combination with the standard crank should be the modifed stock px200 gasket