Help needed ..... fitting fuel pump on tuned px

have got a tuned px 210 using reed valve, have fitted a mikuni fuel pump but when i rev the motor fuel pours out of carb overflows. is there a proper way of fitting the pump? should i put a restrictor in the vacuum pipe or a feed back from the fuel out line to the fuel in line ? 

basically all i need  is a diagram and tips how to fit the pump properly and running my scooter without fuel pouring out from the overflow any constructive help appreciated , paul

Hey hows it going. your pump problem is easy. On the feed line going to the carb you have to put a T fitting in line. The line coming from the T should go back to the fuel tank acting as a return line. Fuel is coming out of the overflow because the fuel has nowhere else to go. When the carb bowl is full ie. @ idle fuel will start pouring out of the carb. Once you start moving i.e (wasting fuel) the fuel being pumped into the carb is being wasted hence no fuel being spilled out of the carb .I run a  T fitting off the feed line and and the line acting as a return line i put a restrictor in the line about 6 inches from the T fitting. The restrictor orphis is about 1/8 of an inch. Been running it like this for years no problems.

I hope this was any help


thanks have done this and need to put a restrictor in feedback pipe as get a little starvation, but cured the overflow problem, many thanks

no problemo.

great help i am fitting a fuel pump to mine so now i know what too