Help! Need Bearings

Hello. Look, I do not speak any German, Sorry. I have a 1955 German GS Vespa. I need front Colum Bearings! I guess The german model bearings are different than any other countries Vespas. I live in California USA and it sucks that i can not ride my German Vespa. [email protected]. My name is matt. Thanks.
also, the smiles are scarry.

I think in this case it might be better to look at They use to have pretty much of the rare old stuff. Although I think to find parts for a German GS3 will be more difficult, than at any other Modell!

Also so wie es aussieht braucht er ein Lenkkopflager für seine deutsche GS3!

Please have a look at Stoffis Garage ( or ask at SIP Scootershop if they have one of those front Colum Bearings you need!

I hope i could help you!

cu - Andreas[:smokin:] [:bounce:] [:smokin:] [:roll:] [:smokin:] [:bounce:] [:smokin:]