Help me! :( px200 electric problem!


all the light of my vespa px200 from the year of 1998 is not working!

the front light,the rear light,the fuel clock,and the light on the cockpit.

i cheked the fuse of the battery and it found ok.
the bulbs also ok but not light.
the electric starter is working and the horn is working.

i am desperate [:@] what can be thge problem?



Are the indicators working?

thank u all but the problem had solved by my great vespa scooter dealer.
the indicators didn’t work either by the way…

i just told him what is the problem and he knew where to go exactly!

he opened the junction box and reconect the pin wire!

so simple but so hard to locate if u don’t know the symptoms.

Check if all terminals are connected, and if any wires are broken…

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Start by checking voltage with a multimeter from the power supply and forward.


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Hows it going Oren? If no luck so far, try the following as I had identical syptoms on a newPX recently. Remove the rear brake pedal and check the switch for the rear brake. Youll need to loosen the cable at the backplate end (engine) and remove the switch completely and check for „burning“. If this is the case then the voltage reg on the ac side is buggered. Replace with pattern at your cost, they dont last 2 mins. use genuine. If not, another scoot had again the same syptons, check , preferably with another if available the lightswith and indicator switch, Ive had it where the voltage reg „spiked“ and burnt, internally, the contacts of the switches. Both needed stripping, cleaning and testing before reassembly. Then again, you may have fixed it by the time youve read all this!?

Make the test with a 12 v lamp and 2 wires, connect one wire to the chassi, other to the point u testing. If it lights up you have power.


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any other ideas???

aswer me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!
i nedd the vespa for the weekend!!!

check the regulator wires, as the power from the engine goes to the horn, then back to the regulator, so the bike is making the power,its getting to the horn…so check the yellow wire on the regulator(put it against the frame/earth and see if it sparks) if not might be earthed(check horn is not earthed?)

i don’t have multimeter, [:(]