Help me LaRocca


Can you help me find a primary drive to my PKXL2 with a Dr 75cc kit?

The drive i find fits all smallframe with the exception of PKXL2/FL2 and automatics.


Is it wiser to go for a new auxiliary shaft? I need more speed:)

Hi Dude !


Honestly it´s not necessary to go up with the gearing if you´re using the 75 DR.

With this cylinder you´ll get a good tourqe and the top speed should be around 60 - 65 km/h

without touching the gearing.



Hi, if you want more top speed without completely disassembling your engine you can substitute only the primary driven gear: yours is 14 cogs, use the 16 cogs pinasco (just by opening the clutch case), you'll gain 5-8km/h which are not few, pinasco says 10km/h but in practise it is not true, especially with a 75cc dr