Help longstroke dilemma!

okay guys any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

i have two px 125 motors to build i want to keep the polini and sell the malossi in a bike

i have 1 std stroke cut crank and 1 longstroke cut crank

which motor would benefit most from the longstroke crank?

both will be rotary induction (ie. not reed valve)

and casings will be fully ported to match the kits

1 will be a polini 177                     the other:  malossi 166

t5 gearbox with 200 primarys                         px 125 gearbox malossi/polini primarys

scoot-rs pipe                                                   scoot-rs pipe

pwk 28mm carb                                               phbh 28mm carb


any ideas??

thanks for the reply mate!

i was thinking that since the malossi needs to rev higher in the first place

think the polini wins the longstroke on this one!

I would go with the Polini with a longstroke crank and a  head pack plate - keeps most of your revs but increases available torque.

You are welcome fella.