Help Identify this Smallframe Vespa 90


I have just taken possession of this smallframe Vespa 90. It seems to be a 1979/81 year of manufacture. I am going to restore it as best as I can and would want to make it as faithful in specs to the originals.


I am having trouble identifying the parts needed as it has a few details that are competely different from the regular smallframes.


It has an ignition switch, located next to the choke.


The head set on this machine is a little odd. It is bigger than the regular small frames. The left and right hand switches seem to be early P series style with integrated housing on the handlebars. The kill button is on the bottom (not to the right) of the right hand switch housing.


Any idea if the later smallframes were originaly issued with this headset?


Also, the tail light and indicator lights, plus front indicator lights - I am not sure if they belong on this bike.


You can see pictures with some additional notes here:[email protected]/sets/72157617935936450


The second owner (who I bought it from) is not a Vespa fan and he has no idea if the original owner changed any parts. Please can anyone help me identify if Vespa ever made a smallframe 90 cc version like this one?


Thanks for all your help.

I think the ignition is wired after the fact. usually it is on top of the headset