Help identifiying right Closed Rim and Tires sizes - VEspa 50S

Hi , i have a Vespa 50S 1969 that is most probably made in or for Japanese market…??
It has a closed rims like the 1st generation V50 models but the size of the rim is bigger… on the tires its written: Japanese Standard 2.75/3.00-10 …
One of the closed rims gor rusty and broke… so i have ordered a closed rim from the SIP Scooter Shop

but the rim appeard to be to small for my 2.75/3.00-10 tires :frowning:

What is the right size of my closed rims and where can i get a spare one, SIP seems to have only only 2.75 - 9 model… ?

any ideas?

thanks in advance
P.S. shuld i return the rim i bought back to SIP?

Hello Jazzroom,

than I guess you need that rim for your smallframe:


Best regards.


my guess is it’s fitted with 10" conversion rims for smallframes i’ve definately seen these before but cant remember where