Help i cant stop my px in moving forward even the clutch is engaged

anyone please help, cant stop my px in moving forward even clutch is engaged. cheers!

do you checked the clutch wire ??

did you changed your clutch ??

maybe the clutch plates are down ....

hi my names mike and i've just joined the sip forum because i might be able 2 help with your problem. about a year ago i bought a complete cosa clutch for my 166 malossi vespa i to had this so call clutch drag. i replaced cables selector rod because my gears we're hard to select i also put extra strong springs in to when i heard that some cosa clutch baskets, are not machined deep enough in the slots in a nutshell i noticed they we,re only 19mm and my friend of mine said make them 2mm deeper and this would solve the problem. how right he was my clutch is spot on because its compressed enough 2 disengage the gears i hope this sorts your problem all be it a bit long winded answer cheers 

hi thanks for the tip really much appreciated come to think of it its not really pressing enough the clutch to disengage the gears. ill work on it this weekend and ill update you on this. thanks again.

you ve got clutch drag check your cables tight and theres no play try your adjuster first a couple of turns should do it

hi cable adjustment is ok, changed plates and linings to new ones already but the problem is still there. what what do you think would be the other causes? cheers!

I had that problem as well, and I milled the turrents down to 21~22 mm deep.

Also another one to watch for this that there is 0.5 mm distance from the gear end of clutch to the face.