Help for tuning Vespa 50PK

I want tune my old Vespa PK50, i have a 70cc cylinder of DR.


Can you help me for give the best performance of my Vespa?



Thanks Regards.

Well, there is alot of things you can do. A very important detail you forgot to share is what your budget is, once we know that it will make it easier to help. Also something which is worth thinking about is how reliable do you want the vespa to be? if it is a daily driver and you just want more power or if you want to have a bike to have fun with at weekends?

Also something else to think about, but bearing in mind that you have already started to tune the 50 engine i guess you will not want to but I recommend using a pk 125 engine to build on instead, fits bolt on into the pk50 and has a beter selection of parts.