Help! electric fuel pump px200


I got your electric fuel pump 98800000 for my px200 disc. I have a problem conecting it. If I connect to the white wire of the indicator relay (as you explain in the intructions), the pump doesnt work and the main lights flash. If I connet to the + of the battery the pump works well. Please could you help me with the right way of connecting it to the indicator relay??? In the indicator relay there are 3 colors: grey, white and red/black. Best regards.


how are you finding the dellorto fuel pump are they any good

Hi, Could anybody help? Please SIP Team, you should be able to help me with your pump. Regards. Alberto.

hi ...


please try to check if when you place the key on (ignition on) ..... if there is current on the + wire from your clacson.

If it works try to use this wire for your fuel pump !


thank you. I have finaly mounted a dellorto fuel pump. the electric one was also so noisy!