help diference between exhaust Turbo Kit



What is the diference between the exhaust TKM4T127 and TKM4T127H2 for the vespa engine 125 i.e. 3V??

I see only the color black or titanium!

And fits the lamba from Malossi on this exhaust?

And is it a good product and what is the diference with a Akropovic?

I'll hope to get a good answer so i can buy this in the shop.

Best regards,


Hi Chris


The only difference is the color: TKM4T127 is black with silver end cap, TKM4T127H2 is titanium with carbon fibre end cap.

Main difference to (for example Akrapovic) is the quality and finish (it doesn´t mean that TurboKit exhausts are bad quality, but Akrapovic is better). This justifies the price difference.

The Malossi Lambda Emulator fits due to the fact that it´s plugged between lambda sensor and it´s regular unit.


Regards, Sebastian