hello and ho ho ho

Hi Ralf, ho ho ho and hello, the weather in the UK is also cold and wet. What do I want for christmas ? the list would be to long to write down, how about world peace? Just like to say a big thank you to all the SIP crew for all their hard work and effort this year. My T5 engined PK50 is nearly finished and is coverd in SIP goodies, pictures on the forum when complete. Ralf im glad you and the crew enjoyed the Modrapheniacs scooter calender I sent you. And yes miss April is my girlfriend the T5 is my scooter.

Keep up the good work TS190 „mark“

Hi Mark T5-190,

Moddrapheniacs??? Do you all still drink at the Oakdale?

And what about old Gaumont does he still lurch around[:drink:] [:nuke:]


X - Ringwood Renegade -Circa '84+++??

Happy X mas

Hi Grimesy66, yes we still meet at the Oakdale every Thursday night. As for Gaunty I saw him 3 weeks ago he now lives in Holland but was over for a funeral. If you want to chat with the old crew we have our own web site with a forum www.modrapheniacs.co.uk We often speek to old friends including Steve Diffy(skippy) who now lives Sidney Austalia. There is also a link on our site to purchase our 2006 cancer charity scootergirls uncoverd calender. A bargin at £5 + p&p all money going to cancer charitys. There is a good spread of Vespa and Lambretta new and old featuring 12 brave ladys from our club.