Heavy oil leaking

this morning (after heavy rain) I saw a heavy oil leaked from one of the cables in front rim. There is two cables. One is for front brake and there is another one which I dont know for what it is...and it is this cable which leaks oil (not the brake cable). Its a 93 model Vespa Px200e. Does anybody have any idea what it can be.
Thanks in advance,

Hi Gokce,

The second cable at the front is the speedo. If it`s leaking oil may be the cable hose is split. Check and renew if necessary.

Little Bab [:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:]

Well unfortunately there are always little things happening to vespas, its part of the fun (or the misery, depends how you look at it). Good luck and keep your chin up, once the bad bit is past at the start they arent usually that bad. By the way i totally agree with what the other person said it must be a split outer cable, it is the only way that oil could be coming through it. If you can engineer a way to do it then i would suggest fitting a digital speedo to it as the standard vespa speedo set up is nothing short of a nightmare to keep working.

Thank you Little Bab, Ill check that...What is annoying is its been a month almost since I bought the vespa but there is always small things happening like this.