Heat siezures on Fabrizi kit

Hi guys,

I went out to Southend yesterday and took revs up to 7000 where it sat quite happily but when I started to go uphill and the revs dropped to around 5800 it seized. So as you said it is a midrange carb setting issue, it must be. Do you know anywhere in the London area I can get my carb jetted properly as all i have tried cannot. I’m running a dellorto with reed valve 25 phbl with a 268 atomiser. Needle d22 set on top clip.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated



consider it: are the rev or since you were going in too high gears.

It means: on uphill 5800 on 2nd gear is not the same that 5800 in 4th gear. Why? because to be on 5800 in 4th gear maybe or surely since you are loading the engine you have to open the trottle more and you expose to a lean situation.

Ok for the not believer. You go in a flat road check the gas position to get  to 5800 or whatever.

Go up hill and to get to the same rpm on the same gear you have to open the trottle more. 

You wont even notice the pinking and you size.

Generally it happens like this: you are in 3rd at 6000 you climb climb and then you feel like you are trtating your engine badly you go in forth ant 5000 1 min after you size.

Check the ignition and put a bigger carb. Fabbrizzi prefer a lot a bigger carb. 

Top clip = leanest setting so come down a few notches. Speak to Jerome at readspeed - he’ really helpful and will sort you out with alternative needle atomiser combos to muck about with. But above all I’;d mark my throttle settings and chop test all the quater hals and three quarter staGES