Heart failure

Just had my first seize (at 60mph) fun isn’t it. I thought my heart was soon to follow when my PX died underneath me but amazingly it started first time and I was on my way as if nothing had happened…except now it makes a rattling noise from the piston…f*** it!
I think it might have been because I’d put some cheap (ish) oil in 'cause it was running like a dream previous.
I haven’t looked inside yet. What can I expect to find and how can I repair any damage?
Its a px125 with a malossi 166 kit


Runtocks (alive and kicking…just!)

unfortunately you can expect to buy a new Malossi kit as, unlike the Polini, you can’t have them re-bored. Take the head off and see if there is any visible scoring on the barrel, if so take it off and check the condition of the piston and for any play in the crank at both the top end (piston end) and the bottom end.

Let us know what you find


I believe there are a few companies that can replace the nicasil liner with a steel one. If you consider how much that costs together with a new piston it may be cheaper to buy a new kit.