headlamp P200E

Hy guys

i've bought an P200E of 1981 and the original siem headlamp is broken.I know that an Siem it's very hard to find.

The Triom(code 57210000)it will be an good alterative?I need to leave the original plug.

probably ELMA(57200000) could be good too?

Due the light,the halogen bolb 57550000 could be fit the headlamp of P200E?

Cheers to all



Hy vins

i know taht the MY could be installed but i want to keep original state of the 200(probably change only the lamp)

What do you mean with modify the plugs?


Hi!This is vins from Italy,

I've p200E 1979 and I've installed Px MY triom light !It is very good, and now in the night I see all, you must only modify plugs.For any problems I'm here.

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