Have anothe PX200 exhaust question..go on

Just to be a pain… what’s the best performance right hand exhaust for a standard PX200 ?

Can’t bear topping out at 65 mph , especially when it hits 60 so easily.

Cheers for the info guys…

That’s all well , but if you have no access to a strobe , and don’t know the first thing about timing…it’s far easier to bolt a part on.

I’d love to be able to check & change timing , but wouldnt know where to start.

Maybe you should listen to someone experienced, but IMHO I think you should retard advance to 20° and bigger the max jet to 122-125 doing the plug checks!


Even if you put an exhaust on it will still be a p2and dog slow. Best thing is to wop that casing open and fit a T5 4th. Have the barrel off andcheck its got the right ring gap(even though its brand new) and check the timing with a strobe. Sometimes if you retard it a little it helps the bike to rev on a bit. I’d try all this before shelling out hard earned on an exhaust.

Ok, standard timing is to 23° which is the A mark on the stator in line with the mark on the carter… Turn the stator clockwise and let the mark on the carter lay in between the A and the I.T. (18°) marks. If you don’t have the strobe that should be about right.

check the timing is a good thing, checked mine with a strobe after driving it for 110.000 km, the mark was 4 degrees advanced!

I bought a Scorpion.

Seems very nice and nippy too.

Not re-jetted or anything else (Beedspeed so this is ok) but should I be looking at re-jetting or plug change ? Not checked colour of plug yet - only done about 5km on it so far.