Has anyone done it succesfully?

I mean to put for example aprilia rx 250 cylinder to px200 engine ??? That would be cool vespa.


no, you don't have to change it. I was talking about the old smallframe engines with liquid cooled barrell transplant. But it is always possible when you put yourself in all this work to find a better ignition.

there is a forum member who has sucessfully put a lambretta ts1 barrel to a t5 engine i think it may be at the bridlington custom show

Its getting difficult to find a piston for that cylinder (aprlia rx 250) i dont have old piston either. Do you have any idea where I could find those pistons?


Piston found! :slight_smile: now just thinking wich exhaust to put…

I´m Just about to do that, without any further knowledge, im looking this
cylinder and planning to fit it to my px 200 engine. Cant be diffifult,
just need some extreme modicication.  possible to have lots of power. and also liquidcooled engine!! Only thing im thinking, will it last long, clutch?


Already done this???

hi jaskak!

cheer up! i would like to see this work. i'm very interested. i'm informing.

Hi Jaskak,

I thought about doing a Honda NSR150 / PX150 engine a while ago. Curare raised the same concerns ie. The clutch. From what I know, a banded Cosa clutch is as good as it gets for us Vespa riders. But there must be an alternative???

Try this http://www.scooterhelp.com/tuning/motorcycle.barrels.html for some ideas.

or contact Worb5


I´m allmost there. Now the question is about exhaustpipe, wich one?? Buy some, for example RZ evo 2000 and modify it to fit, or custom made. That would be best but for sure very expensive! WORB replied me and told that they can fix me crankshaft with 61mm stroke, so i dont have to modify cylinder! I let you know, and show some fotos when this is ready! If you have advises, or ideas, let me know.

hello to everybody,

yes I did few transplant to vespa engine. The first one I did was in the '83 (yes was '83) and was an Hiro barrell ( cross Aprilia 125 bike used this engine in that period) to a smallframe. Was a lot of work but at least it worked. The clutch, the crank, the ignition and the exhaust all had to be worked from other bikes.

I worked with KTM barrell, Kawa, and Rotax. 

The easiest ones are with direct reed inlet from in the barrell. 

The best clutch you can buy right now for such modification is sold by Scooter & Service (Hamburg). Is a 16 sprng clutch.


Hello curare.
Thanks for the information. I have one question for you, why I have to change ignition, why my px 200 standart ignition wont work?