Handlebars weights for LX50 / LX150 ??


 I would like to put weighs on the handlebars on my LX150.

 To do that, I understand that I will probably need to purchase new open-ended grips.  I'm hesitant to complete my online purchase because i'm not clear if the handlebars of a LX50 or GTS300 are the same.

 Below is a picture that I pick-up from the internet.  It's probably a GTS 250 or 300.  We can clearly see that the handle has a built-in treaded insert to screw-in the weight.   

 My question is:  Are the handlebar exactly the same for LX50 ?   In other words, are LX50 handlebars a simple empty tube or do they also have this factory screw-in insert ?

 Thanks a lot guys.



Hello ftouche,

Some LX models have got a closed handlebar so you have to drill a thread to fix following ones:



If it`s an open handlebar you could use following for example but you have to check the size of your hole:



Best wishes

Mario SIP