Handlebar shocks

Hello does anyone out here use handlebar shocks? How easy are they to fit and do they fit under the grips or do i have to cut the ends off of them?

Are you reffering to steering dampers?

A little one if you tell me about schwalbe raceman tyres [;)]

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If your refering to bar ends then look in the store section of this site or catalouge , sip do a selection of different ones.

you do need to cut the ends out of your grips to fit them.as for doing nothing,thats crap !!they do help remove headset vibration from the slack in the control bars from the wear in the alloy headset(on most old px’s.i use them they work and look the dogs nuts

any race tyre will be very soft & sticky for grip and so wont last long,they will stick like s**t to a blanket but they dont last long

Bar ends are a total waste of time on a vespa, if your scoot is tankslapping you need to find out what the problem is.

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