Halogen headlights

Hi all,

Is it possible for me to fit a halogen bulb to my 1966 Sprint? The bike has been updated with electronic ignition and a 12Volt system.

If yes, where can I get an appropriate bulb?

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King Kong
One more thing.
DO NOT TOUCH with your fingers. They stop working!!!



King Kong,
Try an auto supply shop , they should sell you one.
I fitted a Halogen bulb into my early type PX, however it wasn’t too easy ie. matching the correct wires and drilling 3 very small holes into the base of the bulb ( the flange/ rim if you like? ). The bulb I bought isn’t the same as slidingdogs’ link. So it needed abit more work to fit.

As for cheaper being crap. My bulb cost about 1 pound , and was fine untill I fell off!!! I ride with my lights on day or night.
Cheers Paul

bloody hell, £7.50 for a lightbulb! I thought they’d be a quid or two.

Never mind, I suppose I’ll appreciate it when I’m coming home at night and I can see stuff.
Thank you all for your help


What about this?

You can get cheaper ones,but they are crap!!!