Halogen Headlight Conversion

Wiring Hook-Up please.


I have a 83 PX125E Arcabaleno and have purchased a Halogen Headlight.  How does the wiring hook up?

On the new light harness  there is a purple, black, brown and yellow/black wire.


Thanks in advance to all.



Thanks mate all hooked up and works like a charm,  really appreciate your response.




You are welcome my friend, you'll see (literally) a huge improvement over the standard lamp - if you want even more light then take a higher wattage H4 bulb and replace your rear bulb  with an LED upgrade bulb to balance it . Much brightbess ! [H]


Replaced the rearlight with LED's great suggestion looks cool and works great.





No problem mate, the low wattage of the LED's allows some spare to increase the front lamp rating if you want mega lights !

Hi Fella,

If you look at the wiring from the switch to the old headlight you'll see the wiring colours match - its a simple case of cutting the plug off the new headlamp and using insulated connectors (male spade type) to match the switch loom.

Easy as that.

Cheers mate I will try it this afternoon.  Thanks for you response