GTS wheel conversion

Hello SIP Team,

Can you give me some information on the wheel conversion options for the PX/T5, similar to the set-up on 'Glorious Basterd' ?

I currently have a T5 Classic, running a PX MY front disc brake assembly and Bitubo shock, with a SIP wide tyre kit on the rear.

I'd like to know the following:

  1. Do I need to purchase the disc brake/fork assembly or can I order the coversion hub and rim kit, if just the hub kit is required what other modifications are needed on the forks ?
  2. If I order the modified rear drum hub and rim kit do i need to put the engine back to standard position or does it require the SIP wide tyre engine spacer fitting ?

Please feedback to be asap as I would like to get this moving.

Thank you in advance.

James / ck064

any updates on this and how does this fit

if anyone is listening... is doing a 12" conversion for the lml star 2t. they said it isn't using SIP parts and do not offer a do it yourself conversion kit. i just wish i could get a COMPLETE parts list with part numbers from SIP itself so i can do this conversion on a 09 stella 2t. i'd also like an answer on how to keep my speedo working correctly in m.p.h. after the 12" conversion.

i'm new to SIP, the scooter scene, and to internet/web - but i'm having trouble getting complete info. am i doing this wrong? am i asking the wrong questions? am i looking in the wrong places? can anyone help? thanks, michael

Hi dude


we´re working for a complete online description, it will be avalibe in round a bout a week.





Hello LaRocca,

No problem, I just needed to know which bits I can reuse/modify and which bits I need to order ?




where do i find this complete online description? i'm thinking about this conversion for my 09 STELLA. i've tried to find all the parts i would need, but what about the gear for the speedo? is there a specific part number so i can keep my speedo working?(m.p.h.)

I would also like this info!