GS160 and VBB restorations - Where to seek advice?

Greetings! I am ready to start two projects, and I would like to know where is the best place to ask questions on them, mainly on which parts make the most sense for each application.

1. GS160 Mk1 (rear glovebox) - straight forward restoration, but advice on minor performance/accessories would be nice.  I guess this is the right forum?

2. VBA 150 w/ 8" wheels - Full conversion to Malossi 210 with Electric Start, Hydraulic disks and clutch, maybe 12" wheels?, etc.  This is an old bike, but the parts are all high performance.  I don't need tuning advice so much as modification/implementation advice on how to make these parts work with this old thing.  Do I ask here, or somewhere else?

Many thanks!

here you can find a lot of vbb/vba/gs restoration with photos and infos.

it's one of the best italian forum, just take a look


there is a very good forum on yahoo in the USA for GS/SS owners. here is the e-mail address & link you need request permission to join:

[email protected]

i am also about to start on GS Mk I project, can't wait for the finished bike!

good luck with the project!


if you need help, just ask! :D i'll help you to find any infos..!

that's great!good luck with your projects!

sorry, here's the link!


This looks great - thanks for the tip.  Luckily for me, my wife is from Bologna - that will help!