GS150 vs5t racing cilinder

After two years of restauration and riding my GS150 1961 for a while I would like to go a little faster and having a quicker acceleration ! I already bought a sip road racing exhaust.

No I'm searching for a racing cylinder or kit, but in the SIP web shop Icouldn't find one suitable for the GS150. Are they there anyway ? I prefer a plug and play cilinder because I want to keep all as original as possible !

Especially I was looking for a quattrini cilinder because I saw something passing through at youtube ! Maybe there are there other options or recommendations ?

Please let me know what the possibilities are. Thank you in advance.  Roland







sorry, a racing cylinder for the GS does not exist.

Also no "Plug and Play" option is available.

Experienced experts know some ways to do "Original Tuning", at some cost, to get some extra 2-4 PS...

People who want "race power" on their GS150 usually adapt a PX engine with a 210 Malossi...