GS 150 Carburettor

My original Dell'Orto U23S3 is a bit worn out and I'm finding it difficult to get a replacement.  Even another worn out one can cost a bomb.  Does anybody know if there's a more up to date carb that will do the job?  John B

Same over here with my Spanish Motovespa 150S, not an UB23 but an UA19.

Hard to find a good carburettor. prices up to € 200. Gonna replace de carburettor with a more standard type and making a new inlet manifold. Even original parts are difficult to find.

try having a look at dell' a uk web site they seem to have lots of bits and pieces 




this will be very hard to find an other carb for your model. You can try also to get an 24UB from a Moto Guzzi. May this is easier.. At the moment i get a information that a 23UB is available from a guy here in our store.


A very nice and working carb is here, you can grab for only 290 Euro.