Grips "custom" carbon AC340000


Grips "custom" carbon AC340000 do they fit the vespa 50s?? what's the diameter and length? Please help!

hi ...

the diameter of your v50 is 24/24

the diameter of the grips do you like is 22/25

you can try it with in this way :


the 22 diameter grip you can mount with force

for the 25 diameter you can tape the handle bar for mounting the grip



hi jose


i ve answered you in your other post about the rims and the seat

ok! thank's i think i will go for the 25mm diameter!

i have a cuple other questions! can you help?

is it possible to mount any other rims other than the original ones on v50s? (size 3.00x10.0)

about the sip carbon seat! is it easy to mount? does it look good on the v50s? have a picture?

Best regards

José Alves

once again thank's very much!!